• Manchester



Manchester has an interesting character as both the home of some of the oldest tourism sites in Jamaica as well as being one of the few locations on the island not boasting beachfront resorts. One of the main draws is in fact its capital city of Mandeville, which sits high in the cool, misty and serene mountains, perfect for any retreat, whilst having some of the most well developed medical facilities on the island and endless choices for shopping of all kinds. The oldest hotel in Jamaica, The Mandeville Hotel was established here, as was the first free parish library and the oldest golf course in the entire Caribbean, the Manchester Club, still operational today and on many a ?bucket list? for golfers. The parish is also an experienced hiker and cavers? dream, boasting both the deepest and longest caves on the island as well as three different mountain ranges.

The parish also has the claim to fame of many international celebrities, like musical stars Luciano, Heavy D and Garnett Silk, actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, international footballer Lovel Palmer, Olympic athletes Donovon Bailey, Charmaine Crooks, Sherone Simpson, Nesta Carter and the newly crowned Sprint Queen Elaine Thompson.